5 05 2009

Return from the dead

Infected Resurrected

Yum, I ate your brains

This Haiku sucks ass

Trying to hard to make sense

Repeating endless

I wrote these Haikus, during my poetry class, my last semester.


ps: I actually dont like haikus very much. For some reason they bother me alot I dont know why, but they do.


Boston Zombie Outbreak

13 04 2009

These photos were taken from the Zombie outbreak that took place in Davis sq. and made its way to Harvard sq. No one was spared in the massacre that took place on Easter morning. Local priest were disgusted with the abominations walking around on the day of Jesus’ resurection. The only thing to subdue the zombies was the Peruvian Flute band. Some how the music calms the beasts into dancing around and give them money. Its seems extremely obvious, Zombies will sometimes revert back to a instinctual level, making them only capable of doing only basic functions they some how retained from there previous life when they were still humans.

Boston Zombie Outbreak 09

11 04 2009


Boston Zombie Outbreak

The Undead

15 01 2008
I don’t know why but I have a fascination with ZOMBIES, The Undead, living dead, Ghouls, or whatever you call them on your side of the world, I have seen almost every Zombie movie I have found at the video store. I have read the Zombie survival guide and highly recommend it to anyone who isn’t educated about this epic problem. Sometimes I get scared at work because I think the customers sitting in line holding their stupid credit card, with their mouths open, drooling, are Zombies, but I have to restrain myself from jumping over the register and fighting off the hords(for those who didn’t know, taking the head off a zombie is the only way to kill them)
I am at constant state of alert when it comes to Zombies.

I don’t sleep, I wait for Zombies.

I am only trying to share my concern with the public. I tried out to play a zombie in some crappy B zombie flick that was being filmed near me, and I thought that with all my training I could see into the minds of the Zombies and understand their desire … FOR BRAINS. Unfortunately I never got the part in the movie, the whole cast was eaten by zombies. For those of you who are not infected yet Be Cautious. That is my only warning.