Stolen Bike

14 05 2009

Pauls Rides

Today I had something taken from me, the only way to describe what it was like is using a metaphor: Imagine your building a bike starting with the frame, it may have scrapes and paint chips missing but it’s a solid frame. You order some cool parts to get it working and to look good. You spend time on it because it’s the only way to make it perfect, and running in good shape. The wheel turns, good! Does it brake? Yes? Excellent! You ride it to your friends house to show them and after you lock it up outside the bike gets ripped off. This person takes your bike adds $200 for a pair of velocity rims, $100 for a sweet tires that match the color of your rims, Plus a slew of other flashy shit that you can ride without. They’re taking your bike all over town now showing it off and taking credit for the project and your left with out a ride. Now I didnt get my bike taken from me but it sure does feel that way.


Boston Bikes

5 05 2009

CruiserTandemHere are some sweet rides that have been parked outside work recently.

The low-rider cruiser is pretty sweet, and has a chill guard dog that I got to hang out with.

The tandem = $$$

Behind the Wall

21 05 2008

If you ever lived in a city maybe you can relate to this, you’re walking down the street minding your own business when all of a sudden some person comes up to you with a clipboard and pen begging you for your time and money… Now I dont know if these people have an official job tittle but I call them Professional Bums. They stand on the street “fighting” for the environment, or supporting a government offical, or my favorite was a man who asked me if I would like to donate money to help stop racism. I was in a hurry to get to class so i apologized that I couldn’t stay and talk, and then he yelled “you dont have to apologize to me, just dont be racist, whitey!” No joke, he called me whitey and I turned around and looked him in the eye and shook my head in disbelief.
Sometimes I will sit an talk to these people to see what ideas there selling me, “Are you interested in saving the rain forest?” or “Do you care about the environment?” OF COURSE I DO!! I am a tree hugging hippie, I love to walk in the woods and enjoy the outdoors, but if i don’t acknowledge these people they give me an attitude and say “fine, have a nice day,” or something that guilt trips you. Now a days there is facebook with applications that you can download an share that claims it donates money to saving the environment, it makes you feel like your doing your part in saving this planet, from your computer.
My point is this seems like a great alternative to raise money and spread awareness but you dont have to get involved, your money is all matters to them. This is just another way to seperate yourself from actual problems, hiding from the truth and hoping that your $5 dollar donation will help stop world hunger.
Open your eyes people, if you care or want to make a difference its up to you to get off your ass and get involved.

GTA IV line at midnight

1 05 2008

There were at least 500 people in front of me but it only took about 20 min.

More blogging coming soon

1 05 2008


Music History

7 02 2008

There is a theory on the creation of this universe and it goes something like this
God was a bass player
God hit a note so loud
This note made a big bang
Then the universe happened

There is a philosophy on the movements and placements of the sun, moon, and all the planets in this universe are strung together in a musical harmony. The Music of the Spheres, is the idea that the distance between the earth to the moon is a perfect interval and the distance between other planets is given musical intervals.

One of the most significant events in the history of music was in the 16th century. The Italian-born Composer, Jean-Baptiste Lully, dies by accidentally stabbing himself in the foot while conducting a symphony.


5 01 2008
I started working for a grocery store not too long ago (and for legal reason unknown to me, I shall not mention the name of the playground of food that I dwell in) and during my few months I have worked there I have started to gather many stories that I want to share with you. Since we are downtown, we get many ‘characters’ that keep me entertained on a daily basis, for instance the lady that comes in and yells profanity and shrieks all the time, or the person that comes in and complains about EVERYTHING you do she will whine and complain for no reason. We call her the “whiner”

But the one that tops it all (at least for now) was the lady who came in and when she was about to hand me her money she flipped out and started yelling at me, telling me not to touch her because she was highly contagious, she said that if I touched her or came in contact or even if I was near her that I was gonna contract “STAFF” infection. I was stunned. She said she was gonna die and she was surprised she was walking around, I put her money down and didnt know what to say. She ran away with her items, then ran back yelling at me that I needed to go see a doctor “NOW”… So I grabbed some hand sanitizer and hope for the best. I never got sick and I am still alive … I Think