Behind the Wall

21 05 2008

If you ever lived in a city maybe you can relate to this, you’re walking down the street minding your own business when all of a sudden some person comes up to you with a clipboard and pen begging you for your time and money… Now I dont know if these people have an official job tittle but I call them Professional Bums. They stand on the street “fighting” for the environment, or supporting a government offical, or my favorite was a man who asked me if I would like to donate money to help stop racism. I was in a hurry to get to class so i apologized that I couldn’t stay and talk, and then he yelled “you dont have to apologize to me, just dont be racist, whitey!” No joke, he called me whitey and I turned around and looked him in the eye and shook my head in disbelief.
Sometimes I will sit an talk to these people to see what ideas there selling me, “Are you interested in saving the rain forest?” or “Do you care about the environment?” OF COURSE I DO!! I am a tree hugging hippie, I love to walk in the woods and enjoy the outdoors, but if i don’t acknowledge these people they give me an attitude and say “fine, have a nice day,” or something that guilt trips you. Now a days there is facebook with applications that you can download an share that claims it donates money to saving the environment, it makes you feel like your doing your part in saving this planet, from your computer.
My point is this seems like a great alternative to raise money and spread awareness but you dont have to get involved, your money is all matters to them. This is just another way to seperate yourself from actual problems, hiding from the truth and hoping that your $5 dollar donation will help stop world hunger.
Open your eyes people, if you care or want to make a difference its up to you to get off your ass and get involved.


Thich Quang Duc’s Television

12 02 2008

War Pigs

5 02 2008

This Fantastic Plastic Planet

24 01 2008
So my grocery store will stop using plastic bags entirely. I think California has already banned plastic from being used or maybe it was England that charges for use of plastic… hhmm either way we are stopping. And I think its fantastic, all these plastic carrying fools will have to give it up and go cold turkey. I will only laugh at the lady who wraps EVERYTHING in plastic, I take all the plastic off to scan the items, then wrap it again before I put it in DOUBLE paper bags. What a freaking waste of a person she is … sorry I meant wasteful.

In fact I think that we should reduce the use of other plastic items like credit cards. I don’t like them, I have had one and its expired, don’t really need another one. The most disturbing thing I have seen was mothers teaching there little babies how to use their credit card. I can’t wait to see the kid in few years when they have maxed out the parents limit buying nothing but stupid baby stuff. Hopefully they buy leashes so they can’t run from their parents, I have seen too many people loose there kids in the store. One time this lady lost a 35-40 pd turkey in my store and all I could think was asking her if she had any children, forget the turkey. People will also buy items for less then $1 with a credit card and that baffles me! You don’t have change or $1!!! Many more plastic things should be banned like plastic “T and A”, and plastic beer bottles (how am I supposed to hit someone over the head with a plastic beer bottle in a bar brawl).

People ask me what is better for the environment, Paper or Plastic (I ALWAYS tell the customer neither of the bags because I am a smart ass), I tell them paper is better because plastic takes longer to Biodegrade … if they understand that word.