Boston Bikes

5 05 2009

CruiserTandemHere are some sweet rides that have been parked outside work recently.

The low-rider cruiser is pretty sweet, and has a chill guard dog that I got to hang out with.

The tandem = $$$


Re-post Weds.

22 04 2009

cheneybotcimg0485This is just a re-posting of some older photos. Mainly because I have nothing new to report on, other then format updates to the site. I added a Media section to have a better idea of my work.

Check it out

Boston Zombie Outbreak

13 04 2009

These photos were taken from the Zombie outbreak that took place in Davis sq. and made its way to Harvard sq. No one was spared in the massacre that took place on Easter morning. Local priest were disgusted with the abominations walking around on the day of Jesus’ resurection. The only thing to subdue the zombies was the Peruvian Flute band. Some how the music calms the beasts into dancing around and give them money. Its seems extremely obvious, Zombies will sometimes revert back to a instinctual level, making them only capable of doing only basic functions they some how retained from there previous life when they were still humans.

OBEY The Bad Brains

7 04 2009


Shepard Fairey, known for his Obama “Hope” poster and his current battle with the Associated Press. made a collaboration print for one of the toughest hardcore band from the 80’s, The Bad Brains. Glen E. Friedman was the original photographer, getting the credit on Shepard’s site. Also check out Glens work with Fugazi, he released a book with some great hardcore action.


17 07 2008

Light Graffiti

8 06 2008

The Boston Collage

12 02 2008