Re-post Weds.

22 04 2009

cheneybotcimg0485This is just a re-posting of some older photos. Mainly because I have nothing new to report on, other then format updates to the site. I added a Media section to have a better idea of my work.

Check it out


Yeah Yeah Yeah’s

12 04 2009

Update: NBC apparently sucks because they don’t want me putting YYY’s snl performances from youtube up, who would have thought. Still the band kicks ass, and I will try harder at writing stronger reviews.

The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s just released In Blitz! 3/10, bringing some of amazing vocals from frontman/girl Kare O. The band rocks hard with subtle strings and acoutstics floating around. They played SNL yesterday, giving a excellent performances of there songs “Maps”, and there first single “Zero”

If you havnt listened to In Blitz! by the Y.Y.Y’s then I sugest you check it out

Boston Zombie Outbreak 09

11 04 2009


Boston Zombie Outbreak