Yeah Yeah Yeah’s

12 04 2009

Update: NBC apparently sucks because they don’t want me putting YYY’s snl performances from youtube up, who would have thought. Still the band kicks ass, and I will try harder at writing stronger reviews.

The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s just released In Blitz! 3/10, bringing some of amazing vocals from frontman/girl Kare O. The band rocks hard with subtle strings and acoutstics floating around. They played SNL yesterday, giving a excellent performances of there songs “Maps”, and there first single “Zero”

If you havnt listened to In Blitz! by the Y.Y.Y’s then I sugest you check it out


OBEY The Bad Brains

7 04 2009


Shepard Fairey, known for his Obama “Hope” poster and his current battle with the Associated Press. made a collaboration print for one of the toughest hardcore band from the 80’s, The Bad Brains. Glen E. Friedman was the original photographer, getting the credit on Shepard’s site. Also check out Glens work with Fugazi, he released a book with some great hardcore action.