Kill Your TV

5 05 2009


I’ve slipped into your minds

I’ve stolen your thoughts

I’ve made you win

I’ve made you loose

I’ve made you buy

I’ve made you sell

I’m on every night at 8

I am the rerun running over again

I am the breaking news story, more about that @10

I’ve seen the news pundit rabble

I’ve seen the republican pander

I’ve got rabbit ears to pick up radio waves to fry your brains

I am the marathon of madness

I am the ticker at the bottom feeding your numbers

Prime time is my time to steal your time

I tell you which way the wind blows

I tell you where the traffic goes

I only have what you want to see

You know how to push my buttons

You know how to turn me on

So stay tuned


Re-post Weds.

22 04 2009

cheneybotcimg0485This is just a re-posting of some older photos. Mainly because I have nothing new to report on, other then format updates to the site. I added a Media section to have a better idea of my work.

Check it out

Yeah Yeah Yeah’s

12 04 2009

Update: NBC apparently sucks because they don’t want me putting YYY’s snl performances from youtube up, who would have thought. Still the band kicks ass, and I will try harder at writing stronger reviews.

The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s just released In Blitz! 3/10, bringing some of amazing vocals from frontman/girl Kare O. The band rocks hard with subtle strings and acoutstics floating around. They played SNL yesterday, giving a excellent performances of there songs “Maps”, and there first single “Zero”

If you havnt listened to In Blitz! by the Y.Y.Y’s then I sugest you check it out

GTA IV line at midnight

1 05 2008

There were at least 500 people in front of me but it only took about 20 min.

Thich Quang Duc’s Television

12 02 2008