5 01 2008
I started working for a grocery store not too long ago (and for legal reason unknown to me, I shall not mention the name of the playground of food that I dwell in) and during my few months I have worked there I have started to gather many stories that I want to share with you. Since we are downtown, we get many ‘characters’ that keep me entertained on a daily basis, for instance the lady that comes in and yells profanity and shrieks all the time, or the person that comes in and complains about EVERYTHING you do she will whine and complain for no reason. We call her the “whiner”

But the one that tops it all (at least for now) was the lady who came in and when she was about to hand me her money she flipped out and started yelling at me, telling me not to touch her because she was highly contagious, she said that if I touched her or came in contact or even if I was near her that I was gonna contract “STAFF” infection. I was stunned. She said she was gonna die and she was surprised she was walking around, I put her money down and didnt know what to say. She ran away with her items, then ran back yelling at me that I needed to go see a doctor “NOW”… So I grabbed some hand sanitizer and hope for the best. I never got sick and I am still alive … I Think




One response

9 01 2008
Bill Evertson

The main symptom of the rampant staph is the feeling that you are still alive. It is very possible that you have become one of the undead.

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