Bike post Wed.

14 05 2009



Today I am starting Bike Post Wednesday (my least favorite spelling of a day of all days that you must spell) to hopefully do more consistant posting. On the Top is a Fuji frame like my old bike that my friend Nathan has taken over and has destroyed even further, hopefully the bike will some day look like this one. On the right is some chopper bikes waiting for me to steal, but one has extra large gorilla arm bars, really freaking cool. In the center is Nathans pedal fix that he put together with a coat hanger, bottle opener and alot of tape. Below in the last post is my Friend Paul’s old school Schwinn Stingray that he recently got, it has skulls on the tip of the handlebars and skull caps for the tubes, a velvety seat and back rest. The coolest bike I have riddin ever!


Stolen Bike

14 05 2009

Pauls Rides

Today I had something taken from me, the only way to describe what it was like is using a metaphor: Imagine your building a bike starting with the frame, it may have scrapes and paint chips missing but it’s a solid frame. You order some cool parts to get it working and to look good. You spend time on it because it’s the only way to make it perfect, and running in good shape. The wheel turns, good! Does it brake? Yes? Excellent! You ride it to your friends house to show them and after you lock it up outside the bike gets ripped off. This person takes your bike adds $200 for a pair of velocity rims, $100 for a sweet tires that match the color of your rims, Plus a slew of other flashy shit that you can ride without. They’re taking your bike all over town now showing it off and taking credit for the project and your left with out a ride. Now I didnt get my bike taken from me but it sure does feel that way.

Boston Bikes

5 05 2009

CruiserTandemHere are some sweet rides that have been parked outside work recently.

The low-rider cruiser is pretty sweet, and has a chill guard dog that I got to hang out with.

The tandem = $$$

Kill Your TV

5 05 2009


I’ve slipped into your minds

I’ve stolen your thoughts

I’ve made you win

I’ve made you loose

I’ve made you buy

I’ve made you sell

I’m on every night at 8

I am the rerun running over again

I am the breaking news story, more about that @10

I’ve seen the news pundit rabble

I’ve seen the republican pander

I’ve got rabbit ears to pick up radio waves to fry your brains

I am the marathon of madness

I am the ticker at the bottom feeding your numbers

Prime time is my time to steal your time

I tell you which way the wind blows

I tell you where the traffic goes

I only have what you want to see

You know how to push my buttons

You know how to turn me on

So stay tuned


5 05 2009

Return from the dead

Infected Resurrected

Yum, I ate your brains

This Haiku sucks ass

Trying to hard to make sense

Repeating endless

I wrote these Haikus, during my poetry class, my last semester.


ps: I actually dont like haikus very much. For some reason they bother me alot I dont know why, but they do.

Re-post Weds.

22 04 2009

cheneybotcimg0485This is just a re-posting of some older photos. Mainly because I have nothing new to report on, other then format updates to the site. I added a Media section to have a better idea of my work.

Check it out

Boston Zombie Outbreak

13 04 2009

These photos were taken from the Zombie outbreak that took place in Davis sq. and made its way to Harvard sq. No one was spared in the massacre that took place on Easter morning. Local priest were disgusted with the abominations walking around on the day of Jesus’ resurection. The only thing to subdue the zombies was the Peruvian Flute band. Some how the music calms the beasts into dancing around and give them money. Its seems extremely obvious, Zombies will sometimes revert back to a instinctual level, making them only capable of doing only basic functions they some how retained from there previous life when they were still humans.